Westmill solar farm, just outside Swindon, is on the verge of becoming the first community owned and community led solar farm in the UK.

It is a unique opportunity for people to buy into the green future of renewable energy – and it opens on Saturday, June 23.

Local MP Ed Vaizey, the Minister for Culture, Communications And The Creative Industries, will be launching the Westmill Solar share offer.

Potential investors can buy in to the project as a long-term investment with a minimum investment of £250 and a maximum of £20,000.

The aim is to make it as accessible as possible to any individual or organisation, and the project is particularly looking for local people to invest.

Adam Twine, an organic farmer and a director of Westmill Solar said: “Anyone who would like to visit the solar farm and talk to the directors of the co-op is welcome to come along to the launch, at 1pm on site.

“We hope that there will be substantial local ownership of the solar farm and that the profits from the site are therefore retained within the community.

“The solar farm is a great local resource that we hope will inspire other communities to grow their own power. ”

The 30-acre site, one of the largest in the UK, has more than 20,000 polycrystalline solar panels and produces 4.8GWh a year - enough to provide 1,400 homes’ average annual electricity requirement.

Part of the solar farm’s income will come from the 25-year Government feed-in tariff contract.

As the site was generating clean electricity before August 1 last year, it has the benefit of the highest level of payment.

The directors of Westmill Solar Co-operative will be launching the share offer from Saturday June 23.

It will close at the end of July but may end early if oversubscribed.

Anyone can register an interest by visiting www.westmillsolar.coop or emailing westmillsolarcoop@gmail.com. Brochures will be available for download from the website from mid-June. Follow developments on Twitter at @westmillsolar.