Homeowners, schools, businesses and charities across Swindon interested in going green have only a month left to benefit from free solar energy.

Paul Williams, the CEO of Freetricity, said: “In a recent survey of 3,000 people we found 67 per cent were not even aware they could benefit from a free solar energy system and free electricity as part of the Government’s Feed In Tariff scheme.

“Last week’s announcement by the Government confirms we now have only a month left to install solar panels at the original higher tariff rate.

“After that point, the future of free solar is far from certain.

“We know there is demand there – we are currently receiving up to 10,000 inquiries a week from homeowners keen to sign up and save money on their electricity bills.

“The free solar option is ideal for homeowners and community organisations because there are no costs involved for them.

“We have fitted hundreds of systems for homeowners and already started fitting solar on schools and churches who are keen to sign up with us because the offer is completely free to building owners.

“It will be especially attractive to those who are interested in reducing their carbon footprint but concerned about cost.

“This deal will allow them to see that solar is a genuinely viable alternative to traditional energy sources.

“If a homeowner wants to pay for a solar system, they will receive the Feed In Tariff payment as well as free electricity.

“The pay back on this sort of system is at around 10-12 per cent, or eight to ten years, depending on system size and location.”

Homeowners who are interested in installing solar panels should visit www.freetricityplc.com.

Businesses, charities or community projects which are interested need to visit www.freetricityenergy.com to apply and find out more. Applications are accepted on a first come first served basis.

Freetricity is owned by Paul Williams and Ben Way, both entrepreneurs who initially met on Channel 4’s Secret Millionaire programme and became friends.

They are passionate about the environment and were keen to start a business – Freetricity is the result.

Freetricity plc was formed in November 2010 following £10m of Asset Finance from Lombard (part of the Royal Bank of Scotland) and £2m private investment.

Freetricity offers UK homeowners completely free solar installation and maintenance, providing them with free energy.