In what could be the largest mass absence from work for a generation, an estimated five million people will not be going to work on Thursday, May 15.

None of them will be calling sickies, skiving or making excuses. In fact, their bosses may even be joining them and taking work home for the day, on National Work from Home Day.

National Work from Home Day is aimed at highlighting smarter working practices by encouraging companies to give employees a day at home. Working at home that is, in order to trial better working practises such as flexible working, remote working, mobile working and working from home; all promoting a work-life balance.

The traditional 'office' is heading for a workplace revolution. Century-old established, outdated working cultures and traditions need to break down.

They are wasteful in terms of resources and time, damaging in terms of the environment and global warming, unhealthy in terms of worker wellbeing, and frustrating in terms of traffic congestion and public transport overcrowding.

Remote Employment, a web service dedicated to flexible and home based recruitment, invites companies across the UK to support National Work from Home, by giving their employees the ability to work flexible hours or work from home. Founder and Managing Director, Ken Sheridan believes a flexible employment solution benefits business, employees, and the country as a whole.