FREE one-to-one sessions to prepare businesses for Brexit are taking place at the Workshed tomorrow.

Brexit consultant Amelia Bishop is giving the one-hour sessions to support businesses in their initial planning for the looming deadline on March 29.

She is warning of the far-reaching effects Brexit will have on almost every kind of business, whether Britain leaves the EU with a deal or not.

Amelia, founder and director of consultancy the Brexit Hub, told the Adver: “The long-standing businesses are saying they’ve been through recessions before and this will be no different, they’ll just deal with it as it comes.

“But it’s not like a recession, this is change on a huge scale. The risks and issues related to leaving the EU are much deeper than the millennium bug or GDPR,” she said.

“Some of the potential risks we warned of a few years ago are materialising now, such as consumer spending dropping and investment being put on hold. Every business will be affected one way or another.

"There's all sorts of knock on effects, it’s the broader economic consequences of it all that is taking its toll,” she added.

The sessions will offer guidance to businesses to prepare for a shock from Brexit, whether that is recommending switching suppliers or keeping an eye on any changes made by competitors

“Businesses can’t just look inwardly, “ she added, “they need to risk assess their supply chains, look at the demographic of customers they are selling to and look at their competitors. If they are preparing more than you are, you’re likely to get left behind if you’re not careful.”

The one-hour slots are available to book online at

A British Chambers of Commerce survey of 2,500 firms across the UK this month found 62 per cent had not carried any form of Brexit risk assessments. A fifth - 21 per cent - said they would cut investment in the event of a no deal Brexit.