The impact of government policy, both national and local, on the property and development market will be the topic for the next breakfast meeting of the Swindon and Wiltshire Action for property group - known as SNAP.

Swindon's two Conservative MPs, Justin Tomlinson who represents North Swindon, and Robert Buckland from South Swindon will speak at the meeting about central government and its policies regarding development.

Both MPs are government ministers, Mr Tomlinson in the Department of Work and Pensions, and Mr Buckland is the Solicitor General for England and Wales.

Joining them will be Councillor David Renard - the leader of Swindon Borough Council.

local councils are particularly important in development as it is their planning officers and their planning committees, which determine how applications for new development are treated.

The meeting is on Friday at Thrings, 6 Drakes Meadow, Penny Lane, Registration is at 8am, with the talk starting at 8.45am and ending around 9.30am, with Q&A afterwards.

Attendance costs £10, payable upon registration or on the day.

Register at and search for SNAP in Swindon