A TEAM at Royds Withy King has developed a virtual vault for clients to store documents safely to ensure their assets and legacies remain secure.

Life Safe is a digital safe created by the private wealth team at the law firm, which has an office on Regent Circus, allowing clients to keep important documents backed-up but still accessible and safely protected behind a double encrypted portal.

The vault keeps digital copies of legal documents like a person’s will, lasting power of attorney, pre-nuptial agreements, as well as financial records, share certificates, and property investment portfolios.

But it also stores digital assets, such as passwords for social media, bank and crypto currency accounts and records and receipts from physical assets, from artworks, antiques, collectables and sentimental items.

Will MacFarlane, who leads the firm’s private wealth team, said: “Life Safe provides a simple yet secure way for clients and their families to keep safe their most important documents and develop a record of their valuable and treasured assets.

“Should the unimaginable happen, such as a sudden bereavement, a fire or a burglary, Life Safe provides clients with peace of mind knowing that their affairs are in order and that they, or their loved ones, will be able to access the information they need.

“We know that legacy management is a huge issue for clients. This is particularly the case for those needing to keep accurate records of assets in multiple locations – for example in relation to international property portfolios or extensive collections of classic cars, jewellery or heritage assets.

“Life Safe is an innovative solution to these issues and one which we are excited to be able to bring to the market for the first time.”

The firm has already impressed Francois Louw, who plays rugby for Bath and South Africa. He has found it useful for safeguarding his sporting collectables.