A HOME grown probiotic company in Wiltshire is spreading the power of microbes to improve overall health and the save the planet.

From microbe-friendly cleaning spray to supplements for dog and cats - Microbz sees a invisible world of microbiology that needs to be nourished

Founded by Sue and Jeff Allen the company started with a mini-brewery on an old farm in Calne where they converted the old barns into

All Sales have doubled in the last year at Microbz, with most sales going through company's website and website.

For example The Gold Standard bottle has 5 million beneficial microbes from 14 different families, as well as a heady mixture of essential minerals, antioxidants, in the form of natural ingredients like Kelp, pomegranate, and goji berries, and herbs Ranging from tumeric, chia,

Camille Van Hoegaerden told the Adver: "We have essentially created a whole lifestyle range, whether its your garden, your home, your self, with probiotic.

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"It's all very well that you can take supplements, but only if your gut is healthy enough to absorb them, then we're giving you the microbes that will be the transport to take them to where your body needs them."

"We restore you gut balance, if your guts happy than your body is happy because its absorbing all the nutrients it can from food."

"People have started to realise that gut health is of vital importance. 95 per cent of serotonin - your happiness hormone - is produces in your gut. So if you're not guts not happy your not producing that.

"We've got loads of testimonials who have got IBS, or if they go travelling and the water quality isn't great it stops them getting upset tummies, and lots of parents say that once their kids are on it they don't get sick from school.

All ingredients are 100 per cent natural, as pollutants and chemicals, like chlorine in water, can kill off healthy micro bacteria, and packaging is plastic free.