As part of its 10-year celebration season of events, the Swindon Mindful Employer Network presents a special Resilience workshop entitled Rising to the Challenge.

The event is being hosted at WRc at Blagrove in Swindon which is a keen supporter of the network on Tuesday 22nd May for representatives of local employers. 

Once again Adrian Embling of Mindset Wessex will lead the presentation team and will be joined by special guests Squadron Leader Penny Granycome and Commander Karl Santrian of the Intrinsic Leadership and Behaviours Team, Defence Academy of the United Kingdom based in Shrivenham.

Adrian said: “It is great to join the successful Swindon Mindful Employer Network again and to present another popular Resilience workshop for local Swindon employers at WRc. I am really looking forward to working with Penny and Karl, and everyone is excited by their involvement this time. Organisations should recognise the need for people to be angry, scared, confused, anxious during any change process. These are not 'negative'; but necessary points in the change cycle. Businesses that discourage this, requiring us to 'get on with it' will probably identify that change has happened but is it productive, effective change? Are their people engaged and committed or are they just going through the motions, too scared to speak up in case they are labelled as trouble makers?”

Penny and Karl are looking forward to meeting local businesses: “The Defence Academy of the United Kingdom is delighted to be associated with the network and to share experience and best practice; we are looking forward to the session in May. In the volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous environment in which we work and live in, there is a compelling case for organisational investment in the promotion of resilience in terms of potential for increased, sustainable workplace outcomes, as well as direct benefits to the individual as a result of health promotion. Research demonstrates that individual health, including stress management, positive emotions, organisational engagement, relationship networks and improved job satisfaction, contributes to greater individual resilience.”

Mike Godfrey who is Chair of the Swindon Initiative at Business West and Deputy Chair of the Swindon Mindful Employer Network says: “Our resilience events attract a lot of interest from employers and we are pleased to return to WRc at Blagrove who have generously supported us in the past. The amazing involvement of the Defence Academy is another milestone in the 10-year history of the network.”

Mark Smith, CEO of WRc said: “Our people regularly attend network sessions and the company has benefitted from its association over the years. Mental health at work is crucial to us and we are looking forward to welcoming Swindon employers and the guest speakers to our offices in Blagrove.”

This Swindon network is funded by Public Health at Swindon Borough Council.

The network chairwoman is Melanie Richens of the UK College of Personal Development.

Places for this event are available for representatives of employers in the Swindon and surrounding area only. Booking is essential.

For more information about this event please contact: