Swindon business woman Carolyn Arnold has come a long way since she first fought her way through the male dominated world of technology in the early 1980s.

She is currently director of RobinsArnold, a technology marketing consultancy based in Swindon, and is launching MyVideoMail, the latest business tool for the sales, marketing and customer services industry.

Carolyn studied at Kings College, London but when she found herself a single mum with a career to forge, she chose technology and talked her way in to a sales position selling to UK broadcast companies.

“I realised that I needed to earn a decent salary and identified technology as having the best earning potential based on my qualifications. What drove me was the need to keep a roof over our heads and give my child a decent start in life,'' said Carolyn.

Never afraid of trying something new or putting in the research, Carolyn scooped her first sale with the then new television station Channel 4. Learning on the job, she would go into work early to sit with the company engineers, who were building systems for the Seoul 1988 Olympic Games edit suites. This stood her in good stead when she met chief engineers of broadcasting companies across Europe, but she still found opposition at home from her male colleagues.

"At that time, there was prejudice from technical male colleagues to deal with. The off-the-cuff remarks: How can you possibly hold your own technically with an engineer, were all very common,'' she said.

But Carolyn persevered and went from strength to strength, becoming one of the movers and shakers bringing new technologies to market after spending time working in Silicon Valley - Menlo Park in California.

She said: "Then, COBOL was the predominant language of computing so I would familiarise myself with it in the evenings to ensure my programme briefs had structure to avoid any unnecessary re-work.''

Carolyn was nominated for the PCR (business computing publisher) Women of the Year 2017 - Lifetime Achievement award.

Today, Carolyn is again bringing the latest innovation to businesses with MyVideoMail, a mobile app that delivers sales, marketing and customers messages which play in the inbox message preview.

She said: "The individuality of a personal video grabs the recipient’s attention and is never misinterpreted unlike so many text based emails. This cost effective videomail tool gets 81 per cent more responses than normal text-based email. With built-in analytics that tracks when the video mail is opened, how long it was viewed and if it was referred to others within an organisation and includes an integrated ‘instantly video-me -back’ functionality for customers and prospects, is going down a storm.

“Sales, marketing, customer service and call centre professionals are finding this subscription based app highly effective in getting their communications in front of their busy customers and prospects.”

For more details and/or a free trial, please get in touch with RobinsArnold Technology Marketing Consultancy on 01793 325420 or visit http://www.robinsarnold.com/contact-us/