Care homes in Wiltshire are taking part in the biggest ever ‘virtual’ Mexican wave on  June 20 for National Care Home Open Day. The Mexican wave will journey from Australia to Britain, and also include homes in South Africa.

Residents and staff will begin the wave in care homes in Australia, before sending videos of their waves via Twitter to homes in the South of England. From there it will move gradually north throughout National Care Home Open Day, when over 3,000 care homes are opening their doors to the public to witness the great care that goes on every day in homes across Britain.

Each participating care home in every county in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland will take part in the Mexican wave at a precise moment on National Care Home Open Day. At the right moment, residents and staff will do a Mexican wave while being filmed and having photos taken. These will be uploaded and posted on the NCHOD Twitter feed, to show the world the largest virtual Mexican wave in history!

People from Britain and around the world will be able to follow the wave as it travels across the globe and up the UK from care home to care home. They will also be able to post their own videos to join in the fun and use the hashtags #nchod and #carewave.

The wave is a tribute to the World Cup in Brazil, and homes will have a World Cup themed day of celebrations, displaying decorations of their favourite participating nations. Additionally, activities will be taking place in each home, from fetes to musical performances, for all to enjoy.
Gloria Hunniford, National Care Home Open Day 2014 Ambassador, said: “The Mexican wave taking place this year is a wonderful opportunity for care homes across the world to join together in promoting the importance of care homes to their local communities in all nations, including the UK.

“The World Cup is a huge event that grips all four home nations, including the thousands of residents in care homes across the UK. I strongly encourage people to visit their local care home and join in with the World Cup fever and learn more about the great care that goes on in their community.”