3D printing is on the verge of becoming a significant force in the business world, according to the fourth whitepaper in the Riding the next wave series: 3D printing, by BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT.

Although still in its early stages, there is growing confidence in 3D printing’s capabilities and the many benefits it brings, including reduced labour and transport costs, product diversity, and design flexibility.

Adam Thilthorpe, of The Chartered Institute said: “Our whitepaper, Riding the Next Wave: 3D printing explores some of the potential disruptive technologies that will affect CIOs, digital leaders and board-level colleagues

"The consumerisation of 3D printing has brought about all sorts of possibilities for businesses. Its biggest selling point is the ability to design and create products, or even a single product to highly specific demands.”

3D printing is the fourth instalment from the whitepaper Riding the next wave: Ubiquitous computing, which also includes the overview (released in January 2014), cognitive computing (released February 2014), and augmented reality (released in March 2014).

 “Companies that want to maximise their business potential need to look carefully at how they can work within their markets and develop new blends of skills. Our whitepaper is an opportunity to lead discussions, considering the IT team of the future and what skills are needed for organisations to be ahead of the technology curve and ensure that they are future-proof.”  

To download the whitepaper chapter 3D printing, please visit: www.bcs.org/nextwave