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MATCHDAY LIVE: Walsall v Swindon Town

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Wiltshire Business Online: Photograph of the Author

Matthew Davies, Sports reporter


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    Enotnom 2:10pm Mon 17 Apr 17


    Score: 1
    the wizard 2:11pm Mon 17 Apr 17

    Without a win we are sunk so come on Williams get them motivated like never ever before, we need three points and all the goals possible.
    Three up front, three in the middle and four at the back, we need options at the front, put Hylton on there and let him run at them and pull them out of shape, at least if we are going down lets do it fighting instead of all the boring passing that has failed all season. Give Ince a licence to get involved as well, at least he will give 100% to the cause.

    Last edited: 8:58pm Mon 17 Apr 17

    Score: 6
    mikek Replying the wizard 2:57pm Mon 17 Apr 17

    Hi Wiz unfortunately Hilton not even on the bench and agree with you should just go for broke and three up front. Gladwin and Thomas start ahead of Goddard is a strange one should have Goddard playing ahead of them two. This is a must win game make no bones about it and if we head for Charlton needing 3 points then I think we're stuffed same as if we lose today. Problem is can't see us beating Scunny either so think we're down anyway.

    Score: 3
    the wizard Replying mikek 3:16pm Mon 17 Apr 17

    Since the 'falling out' at Northampton he has been sidelined to mostly 'development games', which is a shame as he runs at defences and pulls them out of shape creating openings for others to benefit. Somewhat questionable opening line up, almost suicidal according to some. Ah well Williams it is said , knows what he is doing. A...... hem, ok then, we'll see. LOL.

    Score: 2
    Old-Stager-1 2:22pm Mon 17 Apr 17

    Good Luck Town this afternoon.
    Perhaps the start of the "Impossible Dream"

    Score: 2
    PNorth red 2:30pm Mon 17 Apr 17

    Unfortunatley Thomas and Gladwin start so not hopefull at all....

    Score: 3
    umpcah Replying PNorth red 2:37pm Mon 17 Apr 17

    At least Kasim and Rodgers are not starting ..........

    Score: 2
    PNorth red Replying umpcah 2:47pm Mon 17 Apr 17

    Thats a minor plus point!!
    Hopefully the team talk is Attack! Attack! Attack at pace!!!!!

    Score: 1
    the wizard Replying umpcah 3:31pm Mon 17 Apr 17

    But we still have the incumbance of playing Barry. So with ten men we are at a dis advantage before we start,

    Score: 1
    TheDukeOfBanbury 2:43pm Mon 17 Apr 17

    Easy journey today.
    Come on lads a game we need to win.

    Score: 1
    Enotnom 3:16pm Mon 17 Apr 17

    Oxford 1 Port Vale 0

    Score: 1
    Fernham Red 3:16pm Mon 17 Apr 17

    Gladwin, Ajose, Obika
    All attack today lads

    Score: 1
    Enotnom 3:22pm Mon 17 Apr 17

    Charlton 1 Gillingham 0

    Score: 0
    Enotnom 3:25pm Mon 17 Apr 17

    Northampton 1 Shrewsbury 0

    Score: 0
    Enotnom 3:34pm Mon 17 Apr 17

    Charlton 2 Gillingham 0

    Score: 0
    the wizard Replying Enotnom 3:50pm Mon 17 Apr 17

    We really need to win to take advantage of the scores above.

    Score: 1
    Enotnom Replying the wizard 3:53pm Mon 17 Apr 17

    Yes we do..

    Score: 1
    the wizard Replying Enotnom 3:58pm Mon 17 Apr 17

    Charlton beating Gills is our three point win at their place, they are doing us, well and themselves, a huge favour with this score as it all helps on the GD stat when points totals are the same. I hope Charlton score a hatful but we need a win to make that count. A draw is not enough.

    Score: 1
    Enotnom Replying the wizard 4:02pm Mon 17 Apr 17


    Score: 0
    Fernham Red 3:55pm Mon 17 Apr 17

    45 minutes that could define our season ...
    "Don't stop believing ..... hold on to that feeling" COYRs
    I know you've got it in you

    Score: 1
    Robinonfire 4:00pm Mon 17 Apr 17

    Must win

    Score: 1
    Enotnom 4:17pm Mon 17 Apr 17

    Charlton 3 Gillingham 0

    Score: 0
    Enotnom 4:22pm Mon 17 Apr 17

    913 Town fans. Fantastic.

    Score: 1
    Blazing Riff 4:42pm Mon 17 Apr 17

    C'mon Town...it's brown stuff or bust!

    Score: 1
    Blazing Riff Replying Blazing Riff 4:44pm Mon 17 Apr 17

    C'mon Northampton too.

    Score: 1
    Enotnom 4:43pm Mon 17 Apr 17

    Oxford 2 Port Vale 0

    Score: 1
    Blackmalkin Replying Enotnom 5:05pm Mon 17 Apr 17

    Oxford did Swindon a big favour there.

    Score: 1
    Silver Phil 4:48pm Mon 17 Apr 17

    Is that the sound of a fat lady singing?

    Score: 2
    Tiggerben 4:51pm Mon 17 Apr 17

    Two teams worst than Swindon in this leauge and they are already relegated

    Score: 2
    you gots ta be kidding me 4:53pm Mon 17 Apr 17

    FFS town, wtf

    Score: 2
    bradley red 1 4:53pm Mon 17 Apr 17

    "Fuxx off lee power,get out of our club"

    Score: 7
    Since 1950 4:55pm Mon 17 Apr 17

    It's all over.


    Last edited: 8:01pm Mon 17 Apr 17

    Score: 3
    we're still pants 4:56pm Mon 17 Apr 17


    Score: 6
    bradley red 1 Replying we're still pants 5:05pm Mon 17 Apr 17

    Make your voices heard on saturday,no fight,no characters,poor,poor ability,the club have got what was coming by an owner who has fuxked it right up.
    A selfish kid coach who did not walk away and has played is part in relegating this club,the club is in trouble and there will be no quick way back to this level imo,keep things as they are and conference football will follow I am sad to say.

    Score: 2
    Cheltred Replying bradley red 1 6:13pm Mon 17 Apr 17

    You won't be there to see it anyway - idiot!

    Score: 4
    bradley red 1 Replying Cheltred 7:11pm Mon 17 Apr 17

    No sure won't,your intelligence is high enough to keep supporting a failing owner.waxxxx!

    Score: 2
    Cleuso Replying bradley red 1 12:49pm Tue 18 Apr 17

    Bradley red allegedly "gave up" their season tickets ... )3 I think ) ..4 seasons ago and has been moaning and running down the club ever since. You only have to trail back in these forums to prove that case. I just wonder what their true gripe is.... ' cause it hasn't been restricted to Power or Williams ..

    Score: 0
    glasred 4:59pm Mon 17 Apr 17

    Utter disgrace!!!
    Pathetic bunch of whimps!!
    Williams full of Sh.t!

    Score: 4
    glasred 5:00pm Mon 17 Apr 17


    Score: 5
    swwindon61uk 5:00pm Mon 17 Apr 17

    A morale boosting 1-0 defeat no doubt.........

    Score: 1
    glasred 5:01pm Mon 17 Apr 17


    Score: 2
    Med Red 5:04pm Mon 17 Apr 17

    Wait for it.... head coach Luke Williams thinks Swindon Town's 1 - 0 defeat away to Walsall is a big boost to their survival bid....


    Last edited: 6:20pm Mon 17 Apr 17

    Score: 4
    Robinonfire 5:08pm Mon 17 Apr 17


    Score: 5
    mandate 5:12pm Mon 17 Apr 17

    Well we beat Port Vale for you today, but you screwed it up at Walsall. Looks like you are doomed to relegation now.
    Come on Oxford!!!

    Score: 5
    Jimmy_quinn Replying mandate 5:34pm Mon 17 Apr 17

    Sadly you're right but wouldn't you rather play us than port vale next season

    Score: 2
    smiffy123456 5:12pm Mon 17 Apr 17

    We couldn't make it to Walsall today. Listening to Williams on the radio saying "We needed to stay in the game" True but you also needed to win the game. You had an extra striker on the bench so you put the centre half into the attack. Utterly clueless. You're STILL being wary, when you need to throw caution to the wind and go for it.

    Score: 2
    Tiggerben 5:15pm Mon 17 Apr 17

    Once again Dave Hockaday talks so much sense,make him manager.

    Score: 5
    Jimmy_quinn Replying Tiggerben 5:35pm Mon 17 Apr 17

    Ive been saying that for months and he should have been put in charge in January with Williams as his number 2

    Score: 1
    DEVONRED2015 Replying Jimmy_quinn 6:17pm Mon 17 Apr 17

    been saying it for months to in fact after ling left but without williams williams is a walking clueless disaster...better of with mac or zippy as assistant

    Score: 3
    [deleted] Replying Tiggerben 9:17pm Mon 17 Apr 17
    Score: 0
    clevedonred 5:16pm Mon 17 Apr 17

    Gutted and pixxed off. Fans brilliant today...enough is enough though. We have had our chances and I can't see this lot having the backbone to get us 6 points vs charlton and Scunthorpe. Boys not men. We need leaders in our club from top to bottom...only passion is from the 12th man. We deserve to be a league 2 club next year and for anyone thinking we will bounce straight back up then let's hope changes happen in the summer. I am not going Saturday too much money to see this lot again from Clevedon - sorry. See you in Yeovil next season

    Score: 4
    Tetbury red 5:28pm Mon 17 Apr 17

    What a utter shambolic effort that was today . Williams thinks we can win the last two games ha ha , but somebody needs to tell him , that you have to score goals to win football matches . Williams out now , and take power with you .

    Score: 1
    Jimmy_quinn Replying Tetbury red 5:37pm Mon 17 Apr 17

    Even if they did which seems unlikely 51 points may be needed

    Score: 1
    bradley red 1 5:34pm Mon 17 Apr 17

    Things have to change.

    Score: 2
    Jimmy_quinn Replying bradley red 1 5:38pm Mon 17 Apr 17

    It wouldn't surprise me if Power has done a deal behind the scenes to sell up at the end of the season

    Score: 4
    the wizard Replying Jimmy_quinn 5:43pm Mon 17 Apr 17

    Wouldn't surprise the rest of us either. I hope you have hit the nail on the head. At least that would be something to look forwrd to.

    Score: 1
    Jimmy_quinn Replying the wizard 6:07pm Mon 17 Apr 17

    It's funny how the big powerful man has suddenly gone quiet and should have least have the balls to attend the last home game to see and hear just how pis*ed off the fans are

    Score: 2
    bradley red 1 Replying Jimmy_quinn 5:57pm Mon 17 Apr 17

    So hope you are right, all positions are untenable,let the clear out begin.

    Score: 1
    the wizard 5:42pm Mon 17 Apr 17

    FULL TIME REPORT: Walsall 1 Swindon Town 0
    Comments are closed on this article.

    Says it all, in a word, woefull.

    Power, Sherwood, Seamus, Williams and Embleton, all OUT please.

    Score: 3
    Swindonboy Replying the wizard 5:55pm Mon 17 Apr 17

    If only the entire squad cared as much as the fans..I can but dream.... I'm in my mid forties so I am lucky enough to remember the Lou Macari days... We weren't the most talented team but we were fit, played for the team and gave 110 percent... Today's squad is a miserable shadow of the past and there for me needs to be huge changes in football as a whole so that just perhaps I can fall back in love with what's no longer for me the beautiful game. Perhaps I should wait 24 hours before posting but of all the years following the town this is (the demotion aside) probably the lowest point.

    Score: 3
    the wizard Replying Swindonboy 6:06pm Mon 17 Apr 17

    I can go back to 1958 so you can guess where I'm coming from. I endorse your feelings completely and those of many others who have yet to get home, what a superb showing of belief, commitment and dedication through what has been two seasons of adversity. I salute the travelling faithful and raise my cap to them in honour, appreciation and admiration. Hopefuly any incoming new owner will see that dedication above and beyond what Power & Co really deserve.

    Score: 9
    bradley red 1 Replying the wizard 5:55pm Mon 17 Apr 17

    All have failed,drawing there wages every month,should all resign and hang there heads in shame....shambles.

    Score: 6
    Jimmy_quinn Replying bradley red 1 5:58pm Mon 17 Apr 17

    Yet again no mention of Kasim!!

    Score: 1
    mikek 5:55pm Mon 17 Apr 17

    Relegated before the season ends looks like my prediction is still valid. What a shower of brown stuff this team are. Total clear out top to bottom do one Power and get off to Ireland and don't come back. Any takers out there please. Well done the 900 plus fans who tried to make the twelfth man unfortunately we needed another half dozen men out there to replace the posers and boys who think they are footballers.

    Score: 5
    Swindonboy Replying mikek 6:00pm Mon 17 Apr 17

    Spot on mate.. Too many of this lot think they are on a par with messi etc instead of remembering its division 3 (despite being called league 1).overpaid, under achieving and too many of them simply don't care.

    Score: 7
    the wizard Replying mikek 6:10pm Mon 17 Apr 17

    Just where is Danny Invincible when we need him ? evidently he currently plays for Army United F.C. in the Thai Premier League.
    Thirty Eight years old and still playing and I'll bet he can give some of this crop good account, what a guy. Quick, we need him now ! Somebody find a loop hole so we can get him back.

    Score: 5
    Jimmy_quinn Replying the wizard 6:29pm Mon 17 Apr 17

    So would Charlie Henry and he's in his 50's

    Score: 2
    the wizard Replying Jimmy_quinn 7:12pm Mon 17 Apr 17

    Yep, and he was a bit of a character as well if memory serves.

    Score: 1
    EastleazeRed Replying Jimmy_quinn 9:15pm Mon 17 Apr 17

    Not when I last saw him , he's about 20 stone πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    Score: 0
    Jimmy_quinn Replying EastleazeRed 9:45pm Mon 17 Apr 17

    He will still move around the pitch more than Gladwin!

    Score: 0
    glasred 6:04pm Mon 17 Apr 17


    Score: 9
    TheDukeOfBanbury 6:09pm Mon 17 Apr 17

    It wasn't actually a bad performance however we needed to threaten more.
    Our Strikers were playing far too deep in my opinion (again) and that has to be down to Williams. It was calling for Norris to go into the middle as a centre forward and with Thomas taken off he should in my opinion made that call.
    Disappointed is an under statement but after most games nothing new.
    Certain players not up to it.
    Colkett played ok but needs to run with the ball, Barry sadly loses his marker, Thomas offers little.
    Today with a little more direct approach we could have come away with a win.
    It's unfortunate but over the season not good enough and some major changes are required on and off the field.

    Score: 2
    The J0ckster Replying TheDukeOfBanbury 8:58pm Mon 17 Apr 17

    We've actually played much worse but as you say the perennial problem of creating nothing or precious little over 90 mins. Gladwin was like a clone of himself today - good first half invisible second. Hats off to Rafa, Ince(again!) Conroy and Vigs.
    I couldn't understand -as others have said - why LW didn't throw caution to the wind and go flat out to win and could've bought Norris on to make a third striker as for sure the midfield weren't supplying thecfrontvtwo with quality ball. Colkett slightly better today but not the answer and again didn't get stuck in like young Dabo did. Far too much of the mediocrity that has been apparent all season - you can bet LW will once again rely on the cautious approach for the last two games because he probably thinks two draws will be enough!! Sad and depressing for sure.

    Score: 1
    Red till Dead 6:10pm Mon 17 Apr 17

    Very disappointing, I can only see us going out the football league with LP as owner, Cheap cast offs and non league players recruited at the start of the season, it was inevitable that we was going to struggle this season. We could of made a go of it and signed some experienced pros in January and changed the management. A very sad day for all town supporters as we are all but down now, the soul of our football club has been ripped out, that family feel has gone, the county ground has not been a good place to visit all season, it's a testament to us supporters that our average gate has remained around the 6000 mark, With so many not renewing season tickets there is going to be a big knock on effect which will in turn mean our playing budget being slashed even further. Poor facilities and ground, poor football, dropping crowds, I predict very dark times indeed whilst LPπŸ€‘ Is still owner.

    Score: 10
    the wizard Replying Red till Dead 6:15pm Mon 17 Apr 17

    Somebody is going to say it so I'll save them the bother,


    Score: 12
    Red till Dead Replying the wizard 6:18pm Mon 17 Apr 17

    Indeed πŸ‘πŸ»

    Score: 1
    scooby69 6:19pm Mon 17 Apr 17

    Zola has resigned from Birmingham.

    TAKE NOTE WILLIAMS and do the same thing! 😑

    Score: 3
    mollypolly Replying scooby69 6:33pm Mon 17 Apr 17

    According to Power, Luke Williams was "given the tools" back in January to get us out of trouble. He failed. If that's the case he should be sacked. Right ? I suppose time will tell - either way what a total mess we're in.

    Only 8 players under contract for next season. How is that allowed to happen ?

    Meanwhile us fans are being asked to cough up the best part of Β£400 for a season ticket next year. That's a lot of money to watch us play teams like Barnet, Accrington and Morecambe.

    Thanks Lee Power. At my lowest ebb and that's down to you. What have you got to say for yourself ? Still nothing from the Director of Football either. What a total shambles.

    Score: 14
    Jib Jib Replying mollypolly 8:56pm Mon 17 Apr 17

    Jeez 8 of this shower were given more than a years contract?! As you say how on earth!!

    Score: 0
    bradley red 1 6:26pm Mon 17 Apr 17

    Do not anyone forget this a "Top half budget team" that has been created with a " best,brightest head coach in the last 5 years anyone has ever seen to be awarded with a 5 year contract" with a director of football brought in who will be Swindon towns highest profile appointment in many a year who himself turned down two yes two chances to manage in the championship to come in and be the clubs director of football,we should all be very lucky and thankful to an owner who is about to lead this club to relegation...#mugged off.com bloody disgrace.

    Score: 12
    DEVONRED2015 6:29pm Mon 17 Apr 17

    how did power ever pass the fit and proper persons test to become a owner of a football club after messing up at cambridge..rushden
    just like the idiot that owns poor orient..charlton...b
    lackburn etc etc
    come on football league wake up you are destroying these poor clubs

    Last edited: 10:28pm Mon 17 Apr 17

    Score: 13
    hulahoops Replying DEVONRED2015 7:05pm Mon 17 Apr 17

    Unfortunately the 'fit and proper persons test' is a shambles. It's nothing more than a self-certifying, tick box exercise for a prospective owner to declare that they are not bankrupt or have a criminal record, and that's about it. Not that even that stopped Thaksin Shinawatra buying Man City or Portsmouth having four owners in one season and ending up bankrupt.

    It definitely needs beefing up. But wrong-uns will still pass it. 'Messing up' doesn't count.

    Score: 8
    the wizard Replying DEVONRED2015 7:41pm Mon 17 Apr 17

    Well at the time of his 'take over' FIFA had the likes of Septic Bladder and Platini running things. Now without prejudice I am not saying they are connected because clearly they are not but it does in the view of some allegdely, paint a picture which depicts football at that time. As an individual I think there is a question to be asked on how as owner of STFC can he justify owning another club as well ? I know its done elsewhere but on a scale of much bigger wealth and income. Here it seems it hasn't worked despite what the supporters said at the start of the season and despite what the owner said in January, so who is to blame ? is the question which must be asked, and is worthy of a more than plausable answer, from the owner, and what action he is taking to ensure that circumstance is not repeated. Given the aftermath of his previous clubs does anyone trust the owner despite his declarations of good intent and does he still hold the priceless item of supporters loyalty ? These are questions which need answering before the start of next season no matter which level we are playing in. Anybody know what level ST's are being renewed at ?

    Score: 4
    MoonrakerinHampshire 6:29pm Mon 17 Apr 17

    How many times have you heard it said a poor team won because they wanted it more. There is simply no excuse, in the last three games in spite of the opportunity given to them by the opposition, the fourteen playing did not want it enough. They are professionals and in times like this they should not need Williams to syke them up. They should do it themselves and I feel it is the players who have have let the fans down because we should be clear and away and would be if this bunch of prefessionals had done their job. If they can't do it when needed, when will they do it. Prospective employers please note. (Vigs excluded)

    Score: 8
    vox populi vox dei 6:49pm Mon 17 Apr 17

    There is an old saying, "you reap what you sow". Mr. Power, have you now worked it out yet? Without investment there is no success.
    Please move on we need someone that can undo the mess and quickly.
    Andrew Fitton if you are out there ....HELP!!!!!!!!!!!

    Score: 11
    mollypolly Replying vox populi vox dei 7:05pm Mon 17 Apr 17

    Good point Vox. It's not like we didn't see it coming. Anyone who attends games regularly could see the team were deficient in certain area. Even before a ball was kicked back in August many fans feared the worst.

    Relegation has not come as a shock. It's been death by a thousand cuts. Recent wins against Gillingham and Coventry and then more recently against Millwall and Fleetwood raised hopes but they've turned out to be no more than a dead cat bounce.

    The league doesn't lie. We're a poor side and we're going down. What have you got to say now Mr Power ??

    Score: 10
    Jib Jib Replying mollypolly 9:44pm Mon 17 Apr 17

    The shortcomings were glaringly obvious, and had been ever since Wembley. Defensively we were poor and that wasn't addressed, no holding midfielder purchased, and the top scorer sold for peanuts. Conroy, Ince and Ajose have improved the side, but watching since January the midfield set up still isn't balanced well enough.

    If the tools are considered right by Power then youbwoukd think Williams days are numbered. Something has to change for next season, I think it will be Williams, assuming we do get relegated which seems inevitable as we can't score a goal.

    Score: 0
    Jib Jib 7:04pm Mon 17 Apr 17

    Thought we played ok and looked like we were up for it but this side reflects Williams cautiousness and his tippy tally tactics just don't work. Final ball poor again and none of the midfield or wide players really bust a gut to get into the box when we did break, and quite often it was only Obika or Ajose in the box as one or the other kept coming out wide to support the build up. At times at the end there we had Ajose Brophy Goddard and Colkett all passing it round to work the opening, one broke forward but there was then only Obika versus 4 or 5 in the box - no chance, and no goals, again. Gladwin Colkett, Goddard and Thomas aren't really looking to get on the end of a cross so we don't look threatening.

    Ince, Branco and Conroy very good again, Vigs good handling as usual and Gladwin played well first half with a great run and shot the highlight of the game for me. Apart from that not a lot.

    Fans were great today until the goal then it got a bit nasty and could have kicked off but put that down to the significance of the game and the disappointment. Didn't improve spirits when Embleton came over a bit too close and lingered around clapping the fans. Nice gesture but everyone was so annoyed, looked like he turned to head back but then turned again To the fans and had a bit to say but I was over the other side didn't hear what was said.

    Score: 8
    bradley red 1 Replying Jib Jib 7:38pm Mon 17 Apr 17

    Embleton lingering thinking he is the dogs bollxxxx,who Does he think he is what has he ever achieved? How this person is anywhere near a professional club is criminal.

    Score: 1
    Jimmy_quinn Replying bradley red 1 7:48pm Mon 17 Apr 17

    Some of the youth players look older than him

    Score: 1
    Jib Jib Replying bradley red 1 8:25pm Mon 17 Apr 17

    It looked like he was just thanking fans for travelling to start with to be fair but I'd guess someone (or possibly everyone) made a comment like yours and he didn't like it

    Last edited: 8:26pm Mon 17 Apr 17

    Score: 0
    the don69 7:12pm Mon 17 Apr 17

    The Big Power Failure! he got "EVERYTHING WRONG" his recruitment.........
    ..his choice of coaches....... as for the Sherwood "AFFAIR" what a load of brown stuff that was??........So POWER has brought STFC to it's knees!........ Back into the wilderness and no-hoper's league!......please don't anyone tell me he's the savour!......he's more like the Dark-Stealth Destroyer!!......Som
    e of us could see this coming,others had blind faith in POWER!... He told his Rookie Youth Coach he had the Tools for the job???? But real "TOOL" is Mr Lee Power!!>>>>Ladies and Gents I give you the Fat Lady Singing Down,Down Deeper and Down! And there's only one "TOOL" Mr Lee Power!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Score: 23
    TheDukeOfBanbury Replying the don69 8:03pm Mon 17 Apr 17

    I haven't seen or heard of one Supporter who would claim Power as a great owner or Chairman. It's been a catalogue of issues the day Black told Patey he had one month to sell the Club. The Vultures were circling, the only positive was Power "saved" the club from imminent administration with Jed at the helm. However without investment and making wrong decisions and no decisions at all sadly we have slipped backwards.
    Lots of emotion but the players recruited were simply not good enough for this standard. Reliance on too many loan players, reliance on youth team players and reliance on a Coach lacking real experience, it's a combination of many factors.
    Williams wouldn't resign as he would struggle to find another football appointment. Power not willing to pull the trigger or not giving an experienced Manager the reigns before it was too late.
    Being told we would deal with the experience inefficiency was a let down to say the least.
    Relegation comes from a disastrous campaign and not a few games.

    Driving home after the game in a strange way I didn't feel as despondent as I have from other games, I guess down to how many chances have we had and other poor teams around us giving so many opportunities.
    I have been critical of our support but our travelling fans still inspire me to make the games home and away. As I have said I don't support the Chairman I support the Club.
    Swindon til I die.
    I have no idea where this is going to lead us after this season and I have witnessed some dark days. I hope around the corner the good times will come back again particularly for our loyal Supporters who back the their football Club.
    I salute you all who like me have the heart, bottle and loyalty to keep going.

    Score: 3
    the don69 Replying TheDukeOfBanbury 8:11pm Mon 17 Apr 17

    Well said Dukey a very sad day indeed! Basically Power got "Everything" totally and utterly wrong! one would ask, what the fruck Power knows about running a football Club?? sweet FA as far as I'm concerned! clueless just like his two youth coaches!!!!!!

    Score: 0
    TheDukeOfBanbury Replying the don69 8:24pm Mon 17 Apr 17

    Not exactly a bright statement to openly come out and say in it to make money.
    Fundamental error and that coupled with arrogance doesn't exactly gain Supporters trust particularly when you are battling against relegation.

    Score: 0
    Jib Jib Replying TheDukeOfBanbury 8:47pm Mon 17 Apr 17

    Power has relied on the saved the club line for years now, yes Power we get it, thank you, time to move on.

    I don't really know what he gets out of owning the club nowadays. If making moneys the goal, he's not going to make very much by packing the team with loans. Will make a bit on Vigs this summer, and maybe a bit on Conroy next summer but nothing else. All he gets from the fans is grief and he has only spent a grand total of about 80 minutes in a year communicating with them. Just don't see the point really why doesn't he just sell up?

    Score: 0
    TheDukeOfBanbury Replying Jib Jib 9:12pm Mon 17 Apr 17

    To sell up we need a buyer. A decent buyer, not another Jed.
    Not in an ideal position. If Power did walk away, like Black did before him we could go under and that would be tragic and a risk that we could struggle to come back from.
    Selling the Club will not necessarily make everything ok. We need a decent owner / investor for sure to lift the club from its current plight.

    Score: 0
    hulahoops Replying Jib Jib 9:42pm Mon 17 Apr 17

    He's probably making a nice little earner from owning the club. The playing budget has been depressed so low - one of the lowest in the division despite having one of the higher gates - that there's probably a decent profit just on turnover. 'Packing the team with loans' keeps the playing budget low.

    Then there's the player sales... And I wouldn't be surprised if owning two clubs allows him to play some games on the tax front. Certainly owning different companies allows you to avoid tax (legally), just ask Starbucks and Amazon.

    Score: 0
    glasred Replying the don69 10:00pm Mon 17 Apr 17

    I said over 18 months ago that Power would ruin STFC. Even this relegation may not see the end of the slide into oblivion.
    If he does remain here next season the piece of Sh.t will continue in the same way as he does now, only even worse.
    We could end up out of the League this time next yesr if this despicable man remains here.

    Score: 0
    subbuteoles 7:35pm Mon 17 Apr 17

    Are we having an extra 1 minutes silence on Saturday for the death of our beloved STFC ?.

    Score: 5
    Red till Dead Replying subbuteoles 7:43pm Mon 17 Apr 17

    I guess we can now concentrate on our votes for who the player of the season is😳, seriously though, if we carry on with LP and co at the helm I think you might be right,STFC will die, Sad and very dark times ahead😒

    Last edited: 8:00pm Mon 17 Apr 17

    Score: 2
    mikek Replying Red till Dead 8:01pm Mon 17 Apr 17

    Player of the season has to be a player that has only been here half of it, loan player Ince season simply leagues above the rest of them. Vigs decent and Conroy seems a find but not much else to rave about.

    Score: 1
    TheDukeOfBanbury Replying mikek 8:06pm Mon 17 Apr 17

    Vigs miles ahead of anyone else.
    However Ince has been magificent and I hope I meet him Saturday to tell him just that.

    Score: 1
    the wizard Replying TheDukeOfBanbury 8:12pm Mon 17 Apr 17

    And in addition shake his hand as an honest supporter to a superbly honest player. He has given many hope and admiration. With thanks also to Conroy who has worked hard and improved quietly working hard game on game since his arrival.

    Score: 0
    TheDukeOfBanbury Replying the wizard 8:28pm Mon 17 Apr 17

    I like the look of Conroy and Branco to be fair has never thrown in the towel.
    Williams got the substitutions and tactics wrong today. We didn't put Walsall under enough pressure second half. Played too deep and wide and when we drove at them they looked vulnerable.

    Score: 0
    the don69 Replying subbuteoles 8:03pm Mon 17 Apr 17

    Spot on and Black Armbands! we could put up Posters of Lee Power..."Wanted for killing STFC" last seen hiding in the Alps lol!!!!!!!!

    Score: 4
    the wizard Replying the don69 8:14pm Mon 17 Apr 17

    Obviously still searching for the cuckoo clock in which he stored the brain cell he shares with Dimwood.

    Score: 0
    Jib Jib Replying subbuteoles 8:50pm Mon 17 Apr 17

    Not sure about 1 minutes silence, it'll be more like 90 minutes of 'Power Out'

    Score: 0
    Another view 8:13pm Mon 17 Apr 17

    Thank you, Power, for your 5 year plan to get us out of this league into the championship. Unfortunately you took us out in the wrong direction.
    You never tire of telling us you saved our club, but forget to say you have bled it dry ever since. Hopefully you will be moving on soon.

    You will not be missed.

    Score: 4
    bradley red 1 Replying Another view 8:16pm Mon 17 Apr 17

    Here, here.

    Score: 0
    mollypolly Replying Another view 9:04pm Mon 17 Apr 17

    Well said. We got to a play-off final a couple of years ago and he's dined out on that for far too long as well.

    He saved the club but where are we now ?? Does anyone actually believe Lee Power is the man to bring about a change in fortunes ?? I have absolutely no faith in him whatsoever. Lee Power cares about Lee Power and nobody/nothing else. Parasite.

    Jib Jib posted earlier and questioned why he is still here. He says he's here to make money but how exactly does he expect to do that ??

    Hopefully he's had enough and leaves in the summer. I'll pay for his flight.

    Last edited: 9:50pm Mon 17 Apr 17

    Score: 3
    hulahoops Replying mollypolly 9:59pm Mon 17 Apr 17

    Don't forget the play-off final team had players he couldn't wait to sell (i.e. the ones his mate Sherwood bunged his way), and existing players he couldn't wait to get rid of because their wages were too high.

    When this parasite arrived at the club I feared it spelled trouble for us. I said at the time, the main variables would be which lower division would we be in when he eventually left, and whether or not the club would be in administration.

    Yet to find out on both these counts. While there is no silver lining to pending relegation to League 2, it might hasten his departure as crowds will fall, loan player options decline in quality, margins squeezed, and so on. But if he stays and still tries to 'make money' running a League 2 club, then I would worry seriously. Not going to be a good 2-3 years I fear, whether he stays or not.

    Score: 1
    mikek 9:53pm Mon 17 Apr 17

    Well the bottom line now is we need to win the last two games and convincingly so the chance of that happening would mean a total difference to how we have played all season and do something we have hardly done before. Think we have more chance of Power building a new 30 thousand seater stadium. What a disaster this season has been and many Towns could see the writing on the wall yet the regime could not. Hope Power is happy he has trashed a decent football club and made the fans suffer such torture. The man should be locked up.

    Score: 2
    the wizard Replying mikek 9:51am Tue 18 Apr 17

    I've been looking out of the window for months now but no sign of any oinks flying by in formation or otherwise. I fear that if a consortium doesn't come in this summer we may well be looking at a far darker picture in 12 months time, and I jest not. We can only wish and the calls for Fitton to come back have as yet, as far as we know, not been answered, and like the man as I do , I think we need somebody financially stronger and for that person to work with the Trust, get the stadium away from SBC and start to build something meaningful. A good relationship with a manager who is acceptable to the supporters who openly declares there will be good times and bad but is here for the long haul and then we will have a base to build on. A first season of decent results and then into a second with some dealing to build a better team with promotion back up to L1 would be reasonable in my view. Steady year on year team building not the mad dash we had with PDC but affordable progression. I think most would buy into that.

    Score: 1
    Robinonfire 9:57pm Mon 17 Apr 17

    Power is showing all the signs of leaving / selling up by hiding away. Lets hope new owners have real money to invest and they support Swindon FC.

    Score: 1
    hulahoops Replying Robinonfire 10:02pm Mon 17 Apr 17

    If we just operated on a break-even basis it would be far better than what is happening now. Supporters have no right to expect individuals to blow their money on a football club. But extracting a profit from it in a short space of time is too much the other way.

    Score: 1
    glasred Replying Robinonfire 10:08pm Mon 17 Apr 17

    Is he?, maybe the despicable coward just keeps quiet and stays away because he know just how much stick he will get if he shows his face at the CG.
    Make no mistake,next season in L2 with POWER at the helm could well see STFC getting relegated again.
    18 months ago I said he would destroy STFC and somehow we need to get rid of POISON POWER NOW...he has POISONED the very heart of our beloved club.

    Score: 0
    Winchester Man 10:18pm Mon 17 Apr 17

    I was at Bescot today and it's the hope that kills yer. Town deserved something out of that game, and looked every but as decent as Walsall. I don't subscribe to the view that these are players who can't pick up the points to stay up ..... if either of Gladwin's efforts had gone in, I would have fancied us to hold on for 3 points.
    But I'm alarmed at no Norris coming on and us not going going for it, and ineffective Thomas starting, and Nicky and Jon playing so far apart. What a loss Nathan was today ... he wouldn't have given the goalscorer 20 yards of space to work in.
    The season should be over ..... but, it isn't, cos Vale and Bury keep losing!!
    So ... we go again Saturday .... and drink in the Last Chance Saloon again. And seeing as we've beaten Bradford, Millwall, Fleetwood & Bolton this season, we go to support from 1st to last minute, cos we know football is a crazy game and Scunny are beatable.
    For posters on here who want to do nothing but shout Power Out, stay away. I'll be shouting for a win.

    Score: 2
    glasred Replying Winchester Man 10:22pm Mon 17 Apr 17

    That piece of Sh.t has to go whatever happens to STFC at the end of the season.

    Score: 1
    MoonrakerinHampshire Replying glasred 10:06am Tue 18 Apr 17

    Saturday is not the day to shout it, especially if rumours are true, John Terry is on his way here to manage.

    Score: 0
    mancrobin 10:40pm Mon 17 Apr 17

    Well done to the Red Army. A fantastic turnout in the circumstances and a fine vindication of how loyal and passionate the support is at Swindon.

    Also, I felt the players put in a real shift today but were frustrated by a very well organised Walsall side. We did not have the tactical nouse, special quality or stroke of luck to break that down today.

    6 out of 6 could still do it but its very hard now to think that will happen.

    For the future we must trust in the Trust and get behind taking some control ourselves. We are Swindon Town and we're Swindon til we die. We go down fighting and with hope. Join the Trust!

    Score: 1
    sp1dersw3b 11:29pm Mon 17 Apr 17

    9 promotions (one with a demotion) and 8 but probably soon to be 9 relegations in my time as a supporter of my team, STFC........along with about 5/6 unsuccessful play-off attempts.

    If the Great Escape now happens it obviously will be a miracle , football-wise, but at moments like this it is sad to see how supporters always look to blame rather than just learn to deal with it because no one sets out to fail, especially in such a competitive environment as today's EFL.

    If we are relegated this year we were not good enough - Chairman, management, players and supporters - excluding the die-hard away supporters, of course. Deal with it!

    We will be back.


    Score: 2
    glasred Replying sp1dersw3b 7:35am Tue 18 Apr 17

    Not if Power stays.

    Score: 2

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