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MATCHDAY LIVE: Bradford City v Swindon Town

Last updated:

Wiltshire Business Online: Photograph of the Author

Harry Abbott, Sports reporter

  • Ajose fires Town ahead with 15 minutes to go
  • Wyke heads hosts level five minutes from time
  • Wyke then bags winner in last minute of normal time
  • Town remain seven points from safety in League One


old town robin 2:16pm Sat 18 Mar 17

Not a bad line up with Viggy back, such a shame we can't involve Jones, although full credit to Conroy, he did well against the Blades.

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Since 1950 2:20pm Sat 18 Mar 17

No doubt Williams will have got them fired up and a never-say-die attitude for the game!


Score: 0
ExTownFanatic Replying Since 1950 3:25pm Sat 18 Mar 17

Yes. Will expect 100% effort from the lads and a positive approach from Williams. Whoops!! Just came to. Must have been daydreaming.

Score: 0
glasred 2:45pm Sat 18 Mar 17

If we loose again today I think that we will go down. This is a MUST win game Williams. Prove us all wrong.

Score: 0
Rebel_phish Replying glasred 2:57pm Sat 18 Mar 17

If we win today, I still think we will go down.

Score: 2
ddsaar 2:51pm Sat 18 Mar 17

A steely defence, hot attack wrapped up with a good resolve and a bit of luck will see us through. Draws aren't good enough anymore. 3 points and we can still have hope.

Score: 1
[deleted] 3:14pm Sat 18 Mar 17
Score: 0
peter moor 3:32pm Sat 18 Mar 17

I'm at forest Green today. What looked like a jolly up when we arranged it Is now a scouting mission for us fans next season. Grim as hell. If we get sucked down to non league as is looking likely we're screwed. Cheers Lee and tim

Score: 2
Since 1950 Replying peter moor 3:54pm Sat 18 Mar 17

We're likely in the same league as them next season How the hell did it come to this. FGR, a village side for God's sake!!

Score: 2
peter moor Replying Since 1950 4:05pm Sat 18 Mar 17

You've gotta see it 1950, as fans we need to do all we can to stay in the league. Wrexham have had 7 years down here now. There but for the grace of God...

Score: 1
Jimmy_quinn Replying peter moor 4:23pm Sat 18 Mar 17

We had many good battles & memories with Tranmere as well

Score: 0
Since 1950 Replying peter moor 4:36pm Sat 18 Mar 17

Been there PM. Don't live that far away.

Score: 0
peter moor Replying Since 1950 4:52pm Sat 18 Mar 17

At least you won't have to travel far then. A little sprinkling of glitter on a Sh! T season next year.

Score: 1
the wizard Replying peter moor 5:09pm Sat 18 Mar 17

And FGR put three in the net today

Score: 0
peter moor Replying the wizard 5:19pm Sat 18 Mar 17

Looked very good and organised to be fair. League 2 will demand this as a minimum.

Score: 0
DEVONRED2015 Replying Since 1950 5:41pm Sat 18 Mar 17

with a real chairman prepared to invest in the club and all ex swindon manager and coaches
thats how

Score: 1
Jimmy_quinn Replying DEVONRED2015 5:49pm Sat 18 Mar 17

Bizarrely not deemed good enough by Power

Score: 0
Since 1950 3:51pm Sat 18 Mar 17

0-0 at the half. Good effort as it sounded from the start that Bradford were really after us.

Score: 0
Daz,Roman 4:01pm Sat 18 Mar 17


Score: 1
[deleted] 4:12pm Sat 18 Mar 17
Score: 0
Silver Phil 4:16pm Sat 18 Mar 17

The attendance is high because they offer such cheap season tickets. We wouldn't get that number if they gave them away.

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[deleted] Replying Silver Phil 4:35pm Sat 18 Mar 17
Score: 0
Daz,Roman 4:33pm Sat 18 Mar 17

great point at the moment and fair play to the boys BUT 1 point is not good enough to get out of the mess we are in

Score: 0
umpcah Replying Daz,Roman 4:35pm Sat 18 Mar 17

Ajose heard you Daz !

Score: 1
[deleted] Replying umpcah 4:44pm Sat 18 Mar 17
Score: 0
Daz,Roman Replying [deleted] 4:56pm Sat 18 Mar 17

Well it was nice for a bit anyway...
Im getting 2 old for this.


Last edited: 10:25pm Sat 18 Mar 17

Score: 1
Daz,Roman Replying Daz,Roman 4:41pm Sat 18 Mar 17


Score: 0
Since 1950 4:34pm Sat 18 Mar 17

Ajose! I don't believe it!

Score: 0
Blazing Riff 4:39pm Sat 18 Mar 17

Wowzers...pinch me quick! Horlicks! Not that quick.

Last edited: 4:49pm Sat 18 Mar 17

Score: 0
california andy 4:41pm Sat 18 Mar 17

COMRs. Let's play Houdini.

Score: 0
california andy 4:41pm Sat 18 Mar 17

COMRs. Let's play Houdini.

Score: 0
ExTownFanatic 4:43pm Sat 18 Mar 17

It may not make a lot of difference - but the question is 'Can we hang on?'

Score: 0
ExTownFanatic Replying ExTownFanatic 4:45pm Sat 18 Mar 17

Apparently not. They are just too predictable.

Score: 0
Since 1950 4:44pm Sat 18 Mar 17

Oh well. Nice while it lasted - again.

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Since 1950 4:51pm Sat 18 Mar 17

It's all over. Desperate! Gutted! Heartbroken!

Score: 1
Steve Brentford 4:52pm Sat 18 Mar 17

I can't take anymore of this shlt

Score: 1
Daz,Roman Replying Steve Brentford 5:04pm Sat 18 Mar 17

Im with you there mate...
JUST FELLING SO GUTTED,I feel like a super fat fat-man

Score: 1
Silver Phil 4:52pm Sat 18 Mar 17

The fat lady is shrieking.

Score: 0
glasred 4:53pm Sat 18 Mar 17

Power is getting his Karma. Unfortunately, we the supporters who CARE about the Club are going to be the ones who really suffer.

Score: 5
Jester's Tear 4:53pm Sat 18 Mar 17


Score: 4
Robinonfire 4:54pm Sat 18 Mar 17

THE END....Shut the door on the way out POWER.

Score: 3
mikek 4:56pm Sat 18 Mar 17

Still predict we will be relegated before the season ends but Williams still believes we can stay up as Power told him he has the tools to do the job. They are all deluded.

Score: 5
pug ugly Replying mikek 5:00pm Sat 18 Mar 17

Bottling tossers

Score: 2
Med Red Replying pug ugly 5:03pm Sat 18 Mar 17

Tossing bottlers

Score: 1
badger58 Replying mikek 5:05pm Sat 18 Mar 17

He sure has a lot of tools 😂

Score: 5
swwindon61uk 5:01pm Sat 18 Mar 17

Heartbreak indeed but this is what happens when teams at the top play teams at the bottom.

Score: 0
Oi Den! Replying swwindon61uk 5:18pm Sat 18 Mar 17

Yes '61 but why are we one of the teams at the bottom? Answer: because of an abysmal half-arsed recruitment strategy - and not just this season. We were semi-successful in 14/15 but even then we were flying by the seat of our pants. The feeble surrender to Preston should have been the last warning, after many others, but Power just blundered on regardless. Now we are getting what he deserves.

Those of us who warned this was coming were told we were "negative" and support like ours was not needed.

It's no good saying "It's OK, we lost to a team at the top." We should be able to compete in this division.

Power needs to change or go. Sadly, he'll probably do neither.

Score: 4
Med Red Replying Oi Den! 5:51pm Sat 18 Mar 17

Power change.... not a chance!! Power could have changed things to keep us in L1, but chose not to cos that would have meant spending money. Be prepared for more of the same sh1t abysmal half-arsed recruitment strategy for as long as Power's running things.

Score: 0
swwindon61uk Replying Oi Den! 5:51pm Sat 18 Mar 17

The failure to recruit this last window was the ultimate turning point with me and lies with Power for sure.
When we played PNE away just before the playoff final was also a turning point when we played a weak team even though we were in contention for the title.
I never say it is ok to lose any game no matter where the opposition are in the league.
There was a lot of negativity and will be no matter how well we do and still maintain there were/are people happy that we are going down, yourself not included.
Power is getting what he deserves i agree, just hope the next chairman has deep pockets to give us what everyone wants,he will have to as nobody is going to the games season apparently.
I said once we fall into the bottom 4 we will not get out.
Deep down i saw the writing on the wall as far back as Woking in the friendly away, playing awful, management team sat down in the bench, nothing really changed till recently.
I think Power will go in the summer myself.

Last edited: 7:03pm Sat 18 Mar 17

Score: 2
The J0ckster Replying swwindon61uk 6:04pm Sat 18 Mar 17

I wouldn't call it negativity I'd call it realism - it was as plain as the nose on anybody's face that we were going to struggle with the game plan LP was putting in place - the reliance on loans and inexperienced lightweight premier starlets. We got lucky reaching the play off final. During it and ever since we've found our true level which is one of decline with no prospect of recovery thanks to Power's "£1m%moola policy".
It seems some of us saw that before you did!

Score: 2
swwindon61uk Replying The J0ckster 6:16pm Sat 18 Mar 17

Well i am half glass full kinda guy and was hoping at the start we might do but like i said the January recruitment made it clear we were in trouble.

Score: 0
davesyrett Replying swwindon61uk 5:44pm Sat 18 Mar 17

It's called competing we don't do that. This side that Power built which will no doubt all gone after the last game against Charlton can't do that on the field next season with Williams and Power same again what's to look forward to?

Score: 0
swwindon61uk Replying davesyrett 5:56pm Sat 18 Mar 17

For me new grounds at Yeovil,Morcombe and Accrington!
What i would do now is send all the loans back and play the youngsters to see what they can do.

Score: 0
davesyrett Replying swwindon61uk 6:09pm Sat 18 Mar 17

Admire you trying to put a positive spin on it mate

Score: 1
swwindon61uk Replying davesyrett 6:18pm Sat 18 Mar 17

It is a desperate clutch of straws.... LOL

Score: 1
glasred 5:07pm Sat 18 Mar 17


Score: 8
bullyfish 5:10pm Sat 18 Mar 17

Whole club is a farce from top to bottom, embarrassed supporter here

Score: 4
Get that bus out " BUTLER " 5:13pm Sat 18 Mar 17

Oh dear we lost again but Powers tools don't seem to be doing the job. Could be that the manager does not know how to use them Lee, just a thought.

Score: 3
Simmo66 5:16pm Sat 18 Mar 17

It's been obvious all season that three or four older heads are needed,yet Williams is complaining that the players showed inexperience in not seeing the game out.It's the same old interview ,trying his best blah blah still fighting blah blah,not down yet.Inexperience from top to bottom.

Last edited: 7:36pm Sat 18 Mar 17

Score: 3
old town robin Replying Simmo66 5:34pm Sat 18 Mar 17

Not seeing the game out? he was preaching before they travelled he wanted them to learn how to hang on instead of them trying to put the game out of sight. Well Mr Williams I have lost count how many games we have lost by trying to hang on inviting teams to hit us with all they got. As a boy I was taught the best form of defence is attack, obviously not in any of the tet books you've ever read.

Score: 0
Oi Den! Replying old town robin 5:49pm Sat 18 Mar 17

Same here OTR but these players just aren't good enough. We could just as easily have gone all out for a second and got ripped apart. Williams would then have been lambasted for not protecting what we had. In the end it comes down to the players. If they're not up to it, they'll end up relegated. That's where we are. Sad stuff.

Score: 1
mikemary12s 5:29pm Sat 18 Mar 17


Score: 0
Mango man 5:30pm Sat 18 Mar 17

Ironically, if we hadn't of scored we'd have probably got a 0-0.
Good as down now, 7 points adrift, 7 games to go. Looking forward to Forest Green & Cheltenham derby's next season

Score: 0
swwindon61uk Replying Mango man 6:00pm Sat 18 Mar 17

Forest Green will not go up.

Score: 0
MC Tunes 5:37pm Sat 18 Mar 17

And Bradford ran us after the game

Score: 0
mike1990 5:46pm Sat 18 Mar 17

No surprise then,down we go it's been coming what a mess,we could do a Leyton Orient and drop out of the league sad,sad days and lee power takes all the blame,he got everything wrong a total failure.

Score: 4
swwindon61uk Replying mike1990 6:02pm Sat 18 Mar 17

I said the other day we are following their pattern, they were beaten in the final the season before us, apparently they had an all 18 year old back four today.

Score: 0
the wizard 6:03pm Sat 18 Mar 17

Last summers fears over recruitment have sadly come true.

Just not the last few games but the last 2 seasons games.

Same as everything else in this life, do it on the cheap and you'll have to do it all again.

Power out and take ALL his cronies with him.

Score: 2
old town robin 6:25pm Sat 18 Mar 17

4 defeats on the trot, don't count how many goals we concede any more, even defeat is not so hard to take knowing our fate is inevidible , it's almost taken for granted. Jones not included in the squad for those 4 games, no mention of him, has he been sent back to Liverpool?

Williams just stating what the fans have said all season with regards to lack of experience, funny how it's taken so long for the penny to drop. Slagging off his players and finger pointing blame on their lack of nous is not going to make his CV look any better than it was this morning even though in his frustration he is right in what he says. Maybe he should be asking if there is anything he could have changed or done different after we took the lead, was his appointed captain marshalling the troops, sound like no leadership on or off the field, so no great surprise when they lose their way. He still had the chance to use one more sub I believe, even though there was not much to choose from on the bench.

Total shambles, can't wait for this season to be over.

Last edited: 9:00pm Sat 18 Mar 17

Score: 5
mytee 6:32pm Sat 18 Mar 17

How in the name of all that's holy do us many loyal Swindon supporters find ourselves staring down both barrels of relegation....the answer has to be Lee Power .When he took over as owner of our club I applauded and supported him ...the savior... after the last shower of ****..!!! I, and many others continued to support him despite some on here telling us different..!!! I hold my hands up...I was deluded..!!! Why oh why with all Powers and Sherwoods footballing connections do we find ourselves in this situation..??? Never mind blaming the players and the coaching staff...at this point of time they are irrevelant...Power has had all season to replace all of them but has done nothing...!!Our once proud club has been almost destroyed yet again by a cheap skate dodgey owner...!!!! Ive been a ST owner for years but many Town faithful even longer...I salute you .Lee Power will go down in history as probably the worst owner our great club has ever had..and weve had a few....some accolade Lee.!!! ! Apologies to the many ive had a go at in my previous support of Lee Power....I hope you understand I was only trying to support our club...and Jester...if youv still got your "POWER OUT" banner...ill help you wave it at the Millwall game..lol....!! COYR..!!!

Score: 3
old town robin Replying mytee 7:10pm Sat 18 Mar 17

Mytee said "Power has had all season to replace all of them but has done nothing". Never a truer word. His signing through the summer were woeful, both ability wise and quantity. When the injuries and cards started mounting we were down to bare bones because the squad numbers were thread bare. He got a second chance after he brought Sherwood on board, promised the earth, but as soon as the window opened, whilst Shrewsbury, Bury, Oldham, MKD all took positive actions, they brought players in from the first day, think the Shrews already had 3 new loans on JAN 2nd when they played us. All the strugglers reacted except us, all of them changed their coaches and haven't looked back in there efforts to beat the drop. What did power do? Nothing for 3 weeks and then it was too little too late, he waited until the fat lady cleared her throat and now it is all over bar the post mortem.

Sick of him and the useless coaches, Sunday pub team amateurs all of them.

Score: 6
Oi Den! Replying mytee 7:24pm Sat 18 Mar 17

Not quite the worst Town owner in history. I can see his epitaph now: "A better football club owner/chairman than Ged McCrory... just". (Pretty much what fredi told us right from the start - now there's a man/woman who knew what he/she was talking about.)

Last edited: 10:42pm Sat 18 Mar 17

Score: 2
the don69 Replying mytee 7:27pm Sat 18 Mar 17

Great Post mytee! it's been a very,very painful season and it could get worse next season? slowly,slowly Power drained the life-blo0d from STFC! he thought he could do it his way,with CHEAP LOANS,YOUNG KIDS,CHEAP YOUTH COACHES,HIS FAILED "POWERS WAY"......I just don't know what will happen next? he will struggle to make money next season,because gates will fall drastically and of course revenue! Bravo for the trust,I DESPERATELY HOPE THEY/WE CAN BUY THE GROUND,but for God's sake keep it out of POWERS HANDS!!!!!!!!!!!

Score: 5
TheDukeOfBanbury Replying mytee 9:15pm Sat 18 Mar 17

You are not deluded in any way.
Maybe time to speak out. I want every Manager and Chairman to be a success. Equally i don't support Swindon because of any Manager or Chairman.
Football is a fickle business when it comes to support. If Swindon were top of the league and 6 points clear Williams and Power would be hailed as heroes. It's simply the law of the football jungle but we are far from that.
This club has a history of false dawns and long periods of struggle and stagnation.
Power saved us, he saved us from Jed but it stops there.
Expectation is everything but when it comes to judgement it's simply down to results and what is on the pitch. It's very easy to post on a forum but how many on here have actually gone to question what they believe is wrong with the club?
I have met Power on a few occasions. One asked do I trust him. My answer i can count on one hand people who I trust in my life.
However I judge people in their motives, actions and what they tell you.
It was acknowledged that mistakes had been made on pre-season Recruitement and whilst disappointing I can live with that. January it was acknowledged that lessons were learnt and experience was required and would be addressed.
I don't think the signings of 3 Chelsea kids, Gladwin and Ince met with the experience criteria.
In addition to this having 2 of our better players in Doughty and Furlong returning to their club mid season was not exactly ideal and compounded a team already lacking in quality and pre season planning.
Williams will not be sacked, well at least not until the end of the season. He is not part of the Inner Circle, but fits with what Power wants.
The most difficult part in all of this is there is no simple and effective remedy.
Power is the owner of the club, not the trust. The most effective way out of this is if the club is put up for sale as a going concern. Unfortunately I don't think this is on the agenda.
I am all up for a sustainable debt free club but this must be coupled with a Strategy with a clear plan and direction. I struggle to see one. The club is in a real mess and sadly it will get worse before it gets better.
It's not going to Powers plan and whilst some on here will be happy with that it doesn't make everything ok, far from it.
The only hope is an alternative buyer, the purchase of the CG may help but it won't solve the problem. Finally there is no guarantee a new "buyer" putting in an offer is a right buyer. A recent interested party would have been a good fit in the fact that they care about STFC however I am not sure about their financial clout.
Anything you buy must have a offer and be accepted. Power is in control of the acceptance.
Judge on actions and facts and these are stronger than opinions.
Power Out Banners whilst are feel good factors they don't provide a viable alternative. Something will give in all of this but who knows where this is going to end up.
I will renew my season ticket as always as a supporter of the football club. I may even have another opportunity to meet the Chairman again before the season closes but I have no further questions.
I do believe the anti Power posters should join the trust, if anything you will have a voice. If only this season was over today and not looking forward to Div Two football............
.Where this all ends up I have no idea and let's hope it ends well.

Score: 5
mytee Replying TheDukeOfBanbury 10:30pm Sat 18 Mar 17

A great post as always Dukey....I find it hard to put my feelings about STFC into words sometimes...Ive always supported Town as have my older family ....my first girlfriend was Ray McHales daughter Nadia back in 1978 when I was in junior school...lol .!! At the end of the day all I, like most Town fans want is an owner who thinks the same way we do and is prepared to invest in our great club to bring us success. Ive defended Lee Power many ,many times in the face of adversity but feel he has let myself and thousands of others supporters down now that we are almost facing relegation. I will always support STFC as you and many others will but feel pi##ed off and frustrated cause I thought and hoped, when Lee Power took ownership that he would take us forward...not backwards...! I guess that's the way it goes in football. Respect Duke.

Score: 1
TheDukeOfBanbury Replying mytee 11:09pm Sat 18 Mar 17

What a superb player he was. Living in Spain now I believe?
Everyone hurting and concerned but the unknown and lack of clarity at this immediate time is the worse aspect.
Never give up mate and football comes and goes in cycles. This being a bad one. Respect to you as well and your posts that I always read.

Score: 1
swwindon61uk Replying TheDukeOfBanbury 12:00pm Sun 19 Mar 17

"Power saved us, he saved us from Jed but it stops there.".
Said this to a a couple of Town fans this week at work.
I still have a fear about what happens when a new owner takes over defiantly but clearly the current situation can now not carry on indefinitely.
January was the turning point, if we got the experience i think there was a chance of making the playoffs.

Score: 0
bradley red 1 6:33pm Sat 18 Mar 17

Another week,another game gone ,same old bullxxxx from Williams, might aswell finish now as every town follower knows in there heart of hearts we are relegated, not fit to where the shirt,the tracksuit and everything else many should hang there heads,take responsibility and fuxx off out of the club asap!

Score: 2
the wizard 6:59pm Sat 18 Mar 17

We now need a new owner, new staff, new players other wise the 4 or 5 who have renewed their S/T's will all be sat with Power next season watching us get beaten week after week after week home and away.

Score: 3
glasred Replying the wizard 9:08pm Sat 18 Mar 17

Williams is just pathetic. He said on the radio that the players gave it everything but couldn't deal with being a goal up. They are more comfortable when we loose he said!!! This weak sounding monotone deluded idiot should be removed with immediate effect. POISON POWER is this SOLE cause of this terrible situation. We have to find a way to run this piece of sh.t OUT of town. POISON POWER OUT.

Score: 0
TheDukeOfBanbury Replying glasred 9:25pm Sat 18 Mar 17

What is he meant to say.....not having a pop but the players are simply not good enough. Tactical Tim thought he would have a go and soon realised this.
Williams has more bottle than him.
Notice how Sherwood has slithered quietly away from the focus.........detest
ed him before he came to Swindon and simply his actions reconfirm what so many people in the game think of him. A complete Bellend of the highest order.

Score: 0
the wizard Replying TheDukeOfBanbury 3:54am Sun 19 Mar 17

The great unshaven has convinced nobody, in fact Bellend is complementary compared with what many Villa fans think of him.

Score: 0
TheDukeOfBanbury Replying the wizard 9:04am Sun 19 Mar 17

I find it incredible that LW has either not walked or been sacked.
Must be under so much pressure.
Can't get consistent results.
Has a team not good enough.
Can't buy in players.
Discipline issues off the pitch.
Undermined when Bellend Tim cam in.
Nothing forthcoming from Power.
The fact that the guy is struggling and appears to be struggling motivating a team that is already on its knees with no experience and little chance avoiding relegation. Incredible that we carry on day by day without change.
What a mess.

Score: 1
the wizard Replying TheDukeOfBanbury 11:54am Sun 19 Mar 17

Power is running the club into the ground. I reckon Admin is just around the corner the way things are going, can you not see it coming. The 'training ground' hasn't happened all sorts of issues there, loads of players out of contract in June, some already sifted over the Waterford, the signs are there, you just have to look. The bad discipline within the club, some players already seemingly bannished, and of course he has stitched up Williams and has offered no help, Tim Dim has walked away, the Trust now looking at buying the ground from under him, Shah reporting back how far they have progressed and have the blessing of SBC. Season Ticket holders now sitting on their money looking for signs of intent from him as they have been rooked twice but now wise to his bu11y and spin, short fall on the turnstiles already means he is having to fund the short fall this season on the gate receipts, the vultures are circling Duke, the Buzzards are already sensing a kill, the next move from Power will be save the club or pull out, my guess is he doesn't have enough business accumen to run a bath let alone this club. I'll love it if he proves me wrong.

The Adver should ask Power the question, 'Is the club up for sale, if so how much?'

The Trust could end up buying the club and the ground with crowd funding and that would be the best result of the season.

Don't forget, is there not a gentlemans agreement between Power and Black that should we get promoted or if he sells the club there is a debt to Black which must be paid. Obviously if we dont get promoted and if we don't get sold there is no debt payable. If we go into admin the debts would all be written off at so many pence in the pound and a new company formed so the club could continue. Probably that would extinguish any debt payable to Black.

Last edited: 2:16pm Sun 19 Mar 17

Score: 0
TheDukeOfBanbury Replying the wizard 2:44pm Sun 19 Mar 17

Admin or a further reduction in the playing budget that could lead to admin. Or we just carry on in freefall.
Until a creditable alternative is out in the open or a buyer confirmed I sadly don't see it any better and sound like a scratched record.
Wiz nobody really knows what the outcome will be and that is not good.

Score: 0
the wizard Replying TheDukeOfBanbury 3:07pm Sun 19 Mar 17

I agree, but I am very suspicisous of Power and his motives. I regretably cannot see a happy outcome any time soon.

Score: 0
ExTownFanatic 9:08pm Sat 18 Mar 17

Remember Andrew Fitton and his vision for Town. Even then, we ended up in the 4th tier. But in those days we had the resources to get back up straightaway. It looks like, under the present setup, the only thing we can
look forward to is another bleak season with inexperienced players and weak leadership.

Score: 0
the wizard Replying ExTownFanatic 9:35pm Sat 18 Mar 17

Would like to see Gordon Greer back here for next season as player/defensive coach. He has the steel, nous,experience which we need and above all he takes 5h1t from nobody. I think he fits the bill well in every way other than probably the wage bill but he'd be worth every penny, every pound and then some.

Score: 1
patandgraham70@gmail.com 6:38pm Sun 19 Mar 17

What is required is an owner who stops selling our best players season after season and replacing them with inferior ones. This drop into League 2 will not stop the slide into the Vanerama league unless this process is reversed.Needed is an owner who cares about the club,town and fans! any ideas?

Score: 0
the wizard Replying patandgraham70@gmail.com 6:54pm Sun 19 Mar 17

Apart from Viggs and perhaps Thompson we have no good players of our own left who would raise significant capital. To put a price on the likes of Boo or Barry is rather ouragiuos and an embarrasement.

Score: 0

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