Sean Wilson of Swindon Money Swindon said: “The budget was a low key without any major high profile sweeteners or changes ahead of an election”

“Many of the plans which have been announced have a populist political pre-election slant .

“The biggest tax change is probably the one on stamp duty, taking the burden away from first time buyers who will not need to pay stamp duty on properties under £250 000 and onto buyers who pay over £1 million for a home, who will pay a hefty 5%.

“Politically motivated policies include reaching a tax agreement with Belize, where the money of Tory Deputy Chairman Lord Ashcroft is stashed offshore. "The Inheritance Tax threshold will be frozen 4 years to generate more tax revenue to pay for more additional social care, another example of a rich against poor policy.

“The chancellor announced that some of the horrible debts incurred from bailing out the banks has been clawed back by taxes on fat cat bankers and reducing pension tax relief for the wealthy. Britain still owes a scary amount but the amount is being paid off slowly. "Again the chancellor talked about making the bailed out banks, Lloyds & Royal Bank of Scotland, lend more money to businesses but did not really clarify how this will be achieved.

”More changes were made in last year’s Budget and Pre-Budget report to deal with the financial crisis of the last few years. Ahead of an election little fresh has been done”

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